~  New York Oyster Week  ~

New York Oyster Week is the global headquarters for oyster appreciation, and highlights New York's engenuity through events and dining.  Oysters share a particularly rich place in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of New York.  This considerable contribution to the physical and economic construction of New York City is shared by adventurous and curious foodies, restaurants, oystermen, seafood companies, conservation organizations, and the aligned sponsors that make up the Oyster sense of adventure and in our OysterHood community.

New York Oyster Week is a Production of The OysterHood, the global headquarters of oyster appreciation. We invite you to read and participate in sustainability, aquaculture, and all things oysters at www.theoysterhood.com

Join us as we shuck, slurp, feast and toast to the oyster's versatility and importance in our culture. Connect with oyster farmers at events and explore creative oyster dishes at Leading Oyster Destinations in support of sustainable aquaculture and the restoration of protective and productive oyster reeds in and around New York City.

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