"An OYSTER WEEK is a curated collection of oyster-centric events, offering edu-taining experiences for oyster aficionados and the bivalve curious alike."



Oyster Week began as an idea in NYC in 2011. Our idea became a reality, when we produced our first New York Oyster Week in September of 2012. Since then we’ve grown into a community of oyster producers, distributors, restaurants, shuckers and consumers that we call The OysterHood, which was launched in 2014. In 2017 we added Miami Oyster Week to our group of event series. And - of course - we are working on several other markets in the US, Canada and Europe. Philadelphia Oyster Week is our next major project and slated to run October 19th-28th, 2018.

Oyster Week event series around the globe are flagship productions of The OysterHood, your global headquarters for oyster appreciation, information and experiences.


During an OYSTER WEEK we produce and present a curated collection of original and exciting Oyster-Centric events. Our event calendars have something for every budget, schedule, personality and location. From affordable and rowdy fests with rocking raw bars to refined fêtes, swanky socials, and sexy soirées, where Ultra-Premium Oysters and other DelicaSEAS are showcased, there is something for the bivalve curious and the oyster aficionado, and everyone else too.




Elite Oyster Destinations and OyStar Chefs are invited and challenged to create and present cooked and composed oyster dishes. This is a golden opportunity for Elite Oyster Destinations to “Show & Shell”. Chefs: Feature your signature cooked and composed oyster dishes and pairings for the interesting, interested and influential consumers, that are part of our community. Contact us, if you’d like us to feature your offerings through our social or digital media - or, if you’d like to host an event.


Beneficiaries or local charities, working to protect, preserve or restore oyster habitat as well as commercial and recreational oyster fisheries.


Partners and sponsors who - through their support of our events and OyStar Chefs - engage in OYSTER RELATED MARKETING: A form of experiential, culinary marketing - targeting high-value, value-driven consumers, who care where their food comes from and seek sustainable, responsible, authentic, craft and boutique choices in their food and dining experiences.


We are on a mission to showcase and celebrate the oyster’s extraordinary role, past, present and future in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of a city, state or region.


Since 2012 we’ve purchased, shucked, served and recycled the shells of hundreds of thousands of oysters. The positive ecological and economic results of this are staggering. To see what we mean, visit our #GiveAShuck page and examine the results of our Oyster Shell Recycling collaboration with BILLION OYSTER PROJECT from New York Oyster Week 2016.



NEW YORK OYSTER WEEK, MIAMI OYSTER WEEK and other future OYSTER WEEK event series around the globe are flagship productions of THE OYSTERHOOD, your global headquarters for oyster appreciation, information and experiences. 

Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the oyster people, places and processes that create and present oysters. In doing so we strive to protect, preserve and restore oyster habitat and be a "rising tide” for all of those who enjoy, produce, distribute or serve oysters. Please feel welcome to join us on our never-ending exploration and celebration of the oyster's role in history, culture, cuisine, economies and eco-systems, everywhere!


We create opportunities for brands and destinations to engage in OYSTER-RELATED MARKETING™. Our content and experiences attract, engage, excite and enchant high-value, value-driven (not price-driven) consumers - our community.

Our primary media and focus is experiential, as we believe that bringing our community and brand partners together in fun and "edu-taining" oyster-centric experiences. We have found this to be the best way to be authentic and bring maximum value to our community, brands and all stakeholders in the oyster industry.