September 24th, 2016

4:00pm to 7:00pm
Fulton Stall Market
207 Front Street
New York , NY

Ticket Price

Celebrate the Revival of The Old Seaport, perhaps the most historic and iconic part of New York City. Enjoy an elegant, refined and intimate celebration of oysters, seafood, libations, music and things to come in America’s first deep water port. Participate in the birth of a tradition with this 1st Annual event.
There’s much to celebrate and discover in The Old Seport. In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy (2009), most of the businesses in The Old Seaport’s very old buildings were underwater. 7’ of water, in most cases. Many of these buildings are over 200 years old and have been there since South Street Sea Port was the most important deep water port in North America. In the years since Sandy entrepreneurs and activists have rebuilt The Old Seaport into a vibrant dining, shopping, cultural and educational destination. The Old Seaport Alliance has led the way on this revival and will continue to shepherd the seaport into the future. Come and celebrate the progress made and perhaps become involved in its future. 
The event will feature the Fulton Stall Market. This is run by NYC Green Market Founder Bob Lewis and Seaport Legend Stephen Dima. Fulton Stall Market showcases dozens of regional farmers and their produce every Sunday on Water Street with a proper Farmers Market. The rest of the time they operate a CSA out of their space on Front Street. In the store dozens of boutique producers are featured and their artisan products are sold. This shop is a gem in any neighborhood. That its in the historic seaport makes it all the more interesting. 


12 Ultra-Premium East & West Coast Oyster Varieties
Shucked Live, In The Round & Served Raw, On The Half Shell
4,000 Oysters On Ice
6 East*
Empire (NY)
Fleur de Sea (NB)
Mayflower (MA)
Watch Hill (RI)
 6 West*
Kusshi (BC)
Capital (WA)
Otaku (BC)
Republic (CA)
Purple Haze (WA)
+ PLUS +
Spirited Pearls & Accoutrement Premier
presented by
Chef Rob McCue & Master Mermmelier Kevin Joseph
*Subject to change due to availability

The Rusty Guns
Bluegrass & Folk Review

Live & Shuckin' 
Empire (NY) 
Capital (WA)

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+ Unlimited Consumption of East & West Coast Oysters
+ 3 Craft Beer Tickets

The shells form the oysters we eat WILL NOT go to a landfill. They will all be recycled by Billion Oyster Project for oyster reef restoration projects in NY Harbor. Some quick math reveals that this event alone will result in the restoration of as many as 400,000 oysters in our waters as one oyster shell be used to restore as many as 100 oysters. And since mature oysters will filter about 50 gallons of water per day, that means that every day 20,000,000 gallons of NY Harbor’s water could one day be filtered from the oysters that result from just this one event. So there are 20,000,000 good reasons to come with a friend.  
 Front Street & Beekman
Fulton Stall Market
@South Street Seaport