September 28th, 2016

7:00pm to 9:00pm

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SOLD OUT. If you are interested in attending or hosting a private Merroir + Terroir dinner, please contact

Merroir + Terrior, an Original New York Oyster Week Productionis a unique oyster, wine & seafood dining experience. 6 east & 6 west coast oysters are paired with various wines in an exploration of oyster & wine flavors and pairings intended to guide the diner to discover and understand their preferences. Several fin fish courses follow the oyster courses. During the oyster courses and in between fin fish courses an in depth exploration of oyster history, culture, cuisine, economy & ecology is explores with rich photo and video content presented on a flat screen TV. Video content includes underwater footage of Long Island’s Oyster Divers and “Oyster Porn” (oysters spawning in a hatchery). Photo content includes images of the farms from which the oysters diners are enjoying came from as well as images that support the history of oysters, the life cycle of oysters an the oystermen of North America. 
The courses take the diner through a culinary exploration of marine habitats from Salt March to Open Ocean. The East & West Courses showcase oysters from both coasts and engage the diner in a guided, sophisticated and fun exploration of Merroir (the flavors of oysters and the things that influence those flavors). Several wines are paired to these oysters in such a way as to give the diner the opportunity to see how the Terrior of these wines might complement the Merroir of the oysters. The result is a process of guided discovery where the diner can discover his or her preferences for oysters, wines and pairings of the two.