Now in it's 5th Year, New York Oyster Week is a celebration of the oyster’s significant role in the history, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of The Empire State. We present this opportunity with a perfect pairing.

A Curated Collection of Original & Innovative Oyster-Centric Events

Composed Oyster Dishes & Pairings created & presented by Elite Chefs & Restaurants

New York Oyster Week highlights Knickerbocker creativity anpassion for oysters & sustainable seafood through dozens of innovative events and dining opportunities. Join us as we shuck, slurp, taste and toast to the oyster’s importance in Gotham’s past, present and future. Connect with oyster farmers at events and explore creative oyster dishes in support of sustainable aquaculture and the restoration of living oyster reefs and habitat in NY Harbor & Long Island.

In doing so we honor and celebrate the considerable contribution that our oyster growers, distributors, chefs and restorationists have made the economic and cultural development of New York. Our passion is shared by oyster aficionados and the bivalve curious alike. And there’s something in our offerings for all. Ultimately, we are a community of those who love and celebrate oysters in all ways. It takes an “OysterHood”. Welcome to it!
New York Oyster Week is a Production of The OysterHood, your global headquarters of oyster appreciation. Join us a we showcase and celebrate all people, places and products related to the most benevolent bivalve @


Rudi Ehrlich


Rudi is an entrepreneur, marketer and business development professional with a deep passion for food and shellfish. His respect for sustainability and conservationism stretches back as long has he can remember. As a cultural and culinary enthusiast, Rudi has traveled the world in search of culinary delights, often bringing discovered stories, styles, recipes and entertainment concepts to his network of epicureans. And as a founder of Oyster Week he is thrilled to be bringing such a unique and engaging culinary entertainment and conservation concept in his native New York.

Kevin Joseph


Kevin grew up in a seafood restaurant family in East Hampton, NY and Naples, FL. In every part of his life Kevin has been a student, fan of and passionate defender of nature & wild places. After college in Boulder, CO, he began to pursue a career in event marketing. New York Oyster Week is the result of his professional and personal passions and his experience with hospitality, marketing and ecology. 

Kevin is the Founder & CEO of Empire Oyster, a vertically integrated oyster & hospitality consultancy based in New York. He is also a Founder & CEO of The OysterHood, the organization that produces New York Oyster Week and other events and festivals that celebrate oysters & sustainable seafood.

He and his wife Janine split their time between a very quiet life on a lake in The Sullivan County Catskills, precious moments spent in oyster producing regions (especially Long Island) and a very busy professional life in New York City. 


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Rudi Ehrlich


Kevin Joseph


Julie Zucker

Director of Marketing at Branded Restaurants

Sallie D. Sanders

President, Sanders Development Group

Jessica Berger

President, Berger Bookkeeping LLC

James Murphy

Director of Business Development, P3 Global Management

Tony Mykoniatis

Mykon Hospitality


Kevin Joseph ~ Founder

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Rudi Ehrlich ~ Founder

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